30. Mai 2015

Sa, 30.05.2015 - 20:00

Einlass: 20 Uhr
Beginn: 21 Uhr

Güacho(Argentina) is a heavy blues band, with a clear influence of rock and blues of the 70s mixed with a stoner side, they has their own sound that has quickly won the atention of all the the genre fans. Born in 2010, the band has already released two albums, participated in several compilations and has toured in different countries of independent and self-managed way. They will be presenting songs from his brand new album „Vol. II – Historias de Viajeros“ (Tomas Del mar Muerto, 2014) representing a sound aesthetic continuity of what was „Vol. I “ his first and acclaimed production (distributed in Europe through the label Aloud Music).

Dead City Ruins … Hard Rock n Roll from Melbourne, Australia
“…they’re just these young, broke kids who don’t give a fuck except to play music in front of people. I love it and it’s inspiring on a daily basis. That’s the spirit of rock and roll in those kids” – Dave “The Snake” Sabo, SKID ROW