Fr, 29.07.2016 - 20:00

Einlass: 20 Uhr

Beginn: 21 Uhr

29.07.2016 - ZAYN

Zayn (Croatia) –

The band was created 2011. in our hometown Bjelovar (Croatia) on ruins of our previous projects. The first step (2012.) was done in form of a concept album MEDEIA based on ancient greek play by Euripides. It was more post-rock/noise oriented than our current work but in retrospective it showed us in which way we should develop. Music from this album was also used in a theatre play of the same name which was directed by our guitarist M.Dragičević. The album was a DIY release which remastered version was released 2014..

In 2013. we recorded an experimental live album inspired by Jean Paul Sartre’s “La Nausee” – CAFÉ MABLY at Bjelovar Theatre. It wasn’t imagined as a show in front of an audience. The idea was to use theatre ambient as an catalyst in making a live recording. This album incorporates poetry, improvisation, and ambient/drone music. It was released in 2014. by local DIY record label.

By that time it was obvious that our way of creating music was primarily instrumental. In our opinion, we are giving a listener a way to immerse her/himself more into melodies and riffs. In some way voice means nothing, at least in our music (and often in reality).